APEX starts deliveries of emergency flaring equipment to Swedish MSB!

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During week 3 of 2021 APEX starts delivery of our emergency flaring equipment to MSB Sweden!

Testrun of the equipment with flaring LNG at full power!

The first of 6 units are going to to the fire department in Perstorp, Sweden and the second is going to the fire department in Stenungsund with a quick stop in Lysekil first!

APEX designed flare can be purchased as a separate unit of course!
We also provide the service of flaring of your tank/equipment on site and can provide you with a certificate of a gas free unit with protocol of the inerted unit.
One of APEX designed aluminum Vaporizers for use with most liquified gases, we produce this with our own alu-profiles and it can be built in various sizes.

The equipment for MSB Sweden contains alot of different equipment for use in emergency situations around the Swedish mainland.

The heart and lungs of the unit is APEX vaporizers and APEX flare, these combined with hoses, couplings, valves, regulating equipment and much more gives MSB and the fire departments around Sweden a powerful tool to handle accidents with gas trailers.

APEX alu profiles for Vaporizers

APEX are of course very proud to have been choosen as a supplier for this equipment!

It’s not only APEX long and solid experience in the cryogenic industry that has made us the supplier in this bidding with MSB, it is our strenght to provide smart solutions that fills the customers needs! This skills is extra important when the customer doesn’t know exactly what it needs and how to get it.

It is with a large portion of humility that APEX thanks MSB for their confidence in us providing them with this equipment!

If YOU are interested in purchasing a similar equipment, just send us your inquiry through our web-site or on info@apex-is.se !

Please visit our Instagram page apex_is for more info on what we do on APEX!

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